Verity has copy edited my last two fantasy novels. Both times I’ve had a very positive experience. Verity is both perceptive and persistent – the changes she’s suggested have always been well thought through. In the most recent novel we had a pervasive and tricky stylistic question to resolve, and her patience in dealing with this, and imagination in coming up with solutions, was outstanding. She has been a pleasure to work with throughout, always respectful of the text but tactful in pointing out things that don’t work. I recommend her highly as a copy editor and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. Thanks, Verity!

Tim Stretton

Verity is like a benign all-seeing eye. She doesn’t merely spot holes in your writing but uses a deft touch to help fix them. Verity is definitely my ‘go-to’ when I need someone to unpick knots in my writing, and I’d highly recommend her editorial services and expertise to anyone trying to elevate their writing to a new level.

Rory Ffoulkes

I asked Verity to take a look at a short story I had been working on for several months.  Not only did she offer excellent writing advice and editing suggestions to make this piece the best it could be, but I was also inspired by her encouraging comments. I can definitely recommend her editing services to help you polish your writing project for submission.

Betty P.

Always have your work edited. An extra pair of eyes looking over it will give you an idea of how your reader will understand you. I engaged Verity to edit a book translated from Norwegian, and even though the structure of a translation is predetermined, her suggestions for improvements in my English formulation have been invaluable, as has every spelling and punctuation correction. I will certainly be coming back to her when the next book is ready, and there can be no better recommendation than that.

Simon Roy Hughes

I had a rough draft of a short story that I had been sitting on for a few years and finally decided that If I was going to finish it, I needed some help. I stumbled upon Fruit Bat Editorial online and reached out for a line edit. Verity put so much work into my little story, and with her notes and edits, I am so much closer to having a finished product that I can be proud of. Highly recommend! 

Daniel Brown

Verity Holloway has edited a number of short stories for me. She is brilliant at grasping where the heart of a story lies and bringing out the underlying theme and nuances. Her structural and line edits are also very astute and useful. I would definitely recommend her to other writers.